Motivation And Support Group For 2021 Runners

2021runners is a motivational and support group for like-minded people who care for each other and ensure support for achieving the high merit of workout. Be it running, calisthenics, gym workout, carb burning exercise, yoga, etc. We are here for you!

Running/Workout idea:

Listen to one music of a long track and finish the workout by end of the music. For example: The Tips page has music tracks of 45 minutes that our runners are using for every workout session.

How to Join:

Send us email from Contact Us page. We will add your name to our runners list. We are going to launch app for easy logging of stats and good interface.

As group expectations, we want to focus on exercise and diet for success. This group focus on:

  1. Provide tips for correct do’s. Have a suggestion, send an email from the contact us page.
  2. The words No/don’t/shouldn’t are not part of this group. No more focus on don’t.
  3. Yes factor – We shall as a group are there to support each other
  4. 2021 year – We shall workout until the chosen music track is not ended. We are working on making app for easy entry.
  5. “No commitments” needed. We are just here to make people comfortable and motivate on their workout.